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(updated 3-29-2020)

  • We are currently available via e-mail and phone.  (Our phone system has a feature for us to answer and talk remotely.)
  • We are taking orders, talking about color, answering questions, and helping our clients in any way possible.  
  • Please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a message.  We love to talk about what we do, colors, and answer any of your questions.  (and we're a little blue and lonely right now, to be honest..)
  • We are monitoring wedding dates on new orders.  
  • Lee will have a supply of color crystals at his home for a while, for immediate/urgent shipping needs.
  • If you've had your wedding, and you have color to send back to us, please hold for a few more weeks.  If it's currently in route, that's ok.  We're in close contact with our mail carrier.   We hope to have one of us at a time, in the studio, ASAP.   If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call or email.

 (updated 3-26-2019)

What we're doing for our small team:

  • We are limiting staff in the studio to one at a time to prepare, ship color for new clients, and receive color mixtures back into the studio. (Thank you! We need you!)
  • We are pausing on the hot glass portion of our process, and will resume as soon as safely possible. 
  • Over the years, we've saved for a rainy day.  We're tapping into that now, for our team.
  • We are maintaining health insurance for all insured staff.  Our staff is family and we believe this is the absolutely the most important time for them to have coverage.   (They are why we have almost 1000 5-Star reviews now.)  
  • We are planning to continue payroll, to help our team stay intact, safe, and secure, during temporary decreased operation.

 For our clients that can order now:

  • THANK YOU!!!  We appreciate you more than you'll ever know.  We are offering free US shipping on all of our packages during this time.  Use discount code "THANKYOU2020" during checkout. 
  • We are shipping the color crystals for weddings, within 1-3 days after the order is placed.  One team member is coming to the studio to prepare and ship orders. 
  • Our order system asks for a wedding date.  If your wedding date changes, this is perfectly OK.  If your order includes engraving, this can be noted a "TBD". 
  • Consider buying one of our e-gift cards, now, for your upcoming wedding.

For our clients that have sent their color back after their wedding:

  • We have your color safely at the studio.  We will resume our glass blowing as soon is it's safe for our team.  
  • If you've had a date change, and your order included engraving, please drop us an email.

For clients over the last 9 years, we'd love your help:

  • We have reduced our advertising budget.
  • Could you share a post of Facebook about us?  Some of your wedding photos of the unity ceremony?
  • Tell a friend or a family member about us?
  • We've recently added onsite review capabilities to each option on our website.  We'd love a review from you.  This is super important to us as a small business. 

 Photo by Shannon Richardson