Step 2. Aria Series Wedding Vase (Purchase does not include color crystals)

Your Wedding. Your Unity.

You deserve to be able to hold on to those moments…forever.  

This item is only available to purchase by clients that have previously purchased color crystals from us.   

Aria  noun \ˈär-ē-ə\ : 1 : air, melody, tune; specifically : an accompanied elaborate melody sung (as in an opera) by a single voice.

Our couples often tell us that a glance of their hand blown glass artwork, takes them back to the very special day of their wedding.  

Our Aria Series Wedding Vase is a contemporary and sexy form that will showcase the colored glass crystals that your new family combines during the unity ceremony portion of your wedding.  As the name suggests, this beautiful vessel sings with its shape and visual depth.  It stands approximately 11" tall and has a cut, polished, and hand beveled elliptical opening.  Heavily weighted in the base it's perfect for display alone, or with your favorite flowers.

Crystals are applied in 2 layers to increase the color saturation.  Some blending between colors may occur. 

*Ornaments and heart paperweights, optional.



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Choose additional items along with your main glasswork. These items will be created with same glass crystals mixed at your ceremony. See below.

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