UNITY IN GLASS FLUTED BOWL PACKAGE (includes up to 8 colors)

Your Wedding. Your Unity.


(We've made a slight design change to one of our favorite bowls.  We've added a clear colorless glass foot to help us create a more refined finish.)

You deserve to be able to hold on to those moments…forever.  

What's Included:  Price includes 14 ounces (400 grams) of glass color crystals divided among up to 8 colors.  A prepaid return mailer (US Clients Only) will be included, to send the color mixture to us after the wedding. 

Your wedding will forever be remembered in this centerpiece commemorating the memory of your unity ceremony. The crystals you use form the rippling layers of color in this custom made bowl.

The scalloped edges are an undulating circumference that stretches about 14 inches wide and each exquisite piece stands about 8 inches tall. 

*Ornaments and heart paperweights, optional.

For budget flexibility, consider our "2-Step Option" when placing your order. 


Number of Colors:


Choose additional items along with your main glasswork. These items will be created with same glass crystals mixed at your ceremony. See below.

Sculpture: $449  Bowl: $449-$618  Vase: $509-778

A total of 14 ounces of glass crystals will be provided for your ceremony. Display containers are not included.

Additional items: $60 - $72 each (cannot be purchased without purchase of main glasswork). Heart shaped paperweights or blown ornaments are created from the remaining glass crystals combined at your ceremony.


Free US Domestic shipping for orders which include our Sculpture, Vase, or Bowl (Includes three total shipments.)
$19.50 US Domestic for 2-Step Option (Includes three total shipments.)
$49 Canada (Canadian clients must provide return postage to our studio after the ceremony)
$99 International (includes two total shipments, step 2 below will have to be handled by the purchaser)


1. The glass crystals sent to you via standard shipping methods (USPS Priority Mail)
2. A prepaid (US domestic only) mailer to return the crystals to our studio after your ceremony. (USPS) Lost or misplaced return mailers are available for $12
3. Final shipment of the completed glasswork and additional items. (UPS or USPS)

We typically ship same business day or next. US domestic shipping time is 2-3 business days.
With international shipments the buyer is responsible for any tax or duty required. Sales tax will be added to orders shipping to locations within Texas.


Optional Items