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Beautiful and Practical Aspects of Displaying Unity in Glass at your Wedding

3 min read

Couples, who choose Unity in Glass as a unity ceremony, are upgrading their wedding to the most unique and elegant ceremony option available.  The creative couple can further the artistry of Unity in Glass and make it even more personal by how they display the glass crystals before and during the ceremony.  In this article, we’ll cover the aesthetic aspects as well as the practical aspects.

Before the wedding, the individual colors of the glass crystals that you’ve selected will be held and displayed in individual containers.  During the wedding, they will be combined into a common container as part of the ceremony.    You don’t have to have an individual container for each color, by any means.  Some of our couples have selected four different colors, but only wanted to display them in two containers.  You can premix colors together, or even elegantly layer the colors into the individual containers. 

Crystal champagne flutes are a beautiful option to hold the individual colored crystals. These can sometimes be borrowed from the parents or grandparents adding the symbolism and sentiment of “together forever” or couples can purchase new ones as part of beginning their new life together.  (Or even borrow display containers from the venue in the case of a destination wedding for added convenience!)


Another very practical option is to purchase small, glass, votive candle holders. These come in many shapes and sizes.  Tall slender bud vases are a great option and work well to hold the individual colors prior to the ceremony.  The height of bud vases and champagne flutes elevate the crystals, helping to make them visible from a distance.   (if there are small price tags on the bases of the containers that you buy, please remember to remove these before the wedding.  These tags have been suspect and seem to steal the show in a few wedding photos..)

The central vase or container that the crystals are mixed in, during the ceremony, could be borrowed from a parent, close friend, or grandparent as well.  Your grandmother will be beaming with delight to have her favorite cut glass crystal bowl or vase used during the ceremony.   Remember, we’ll just be borrowing these during the wedding.  After the wedding, just the unified glass crystals need be returned to Unity in Glass.  A practical note on the common vase that you’ll be pouring into:  Make sure the opening is large enough for easy pouring.  An opening that is too small could result in crystals being spilled.  The final mixed volume of the crystals is about 1 ¼ to 1 ½ cups.

We’ve had couples even share with us that they’ve included the entire list of wedding guests to join in on the unity ceremony.  They’ve invited guests to add a “pinch” of the crystals from bowls, to each of the couple’s individual containers, as they’re entering the venue for the wedding, while signing the guest book.  Having an assistant to explain and help is mandatory in this very inclusive option.  The options really are limitless.

Want to include the unity ceremony portion as part of your rehearsal?  A previous couple let us know that they used different types of dried beans and peas as stand-ins for the different colors of crystals for the rehearsal.  Perfect. 

At Unity in Glass, we’re always excited about new ways to display our product.  Please let us know your ideas!

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