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About Us

Meet the team

Artist owned and operated, Unity in Glass® from Lee Ware is an art studio that is 100% dedicated to you on your wedding day. This is what we do. The team is led by founding glass artist, Lee Ware.  Unity in Glass has earned an outstanding record of impeccable customer service and quality. We have taken the unity ceremony to the next level of artistic expression. Unity in Glass is a contemporary, gorgeous, and lasting alternative to a sand ceremony or a unity candle. Together with you, as you kick off the creative process as a beautiful and unique part of your ceremony, we create a highly personalized work of art to remember your wedding day for a lifetime.


From beginning to end, we promise to create the very finest glass artwork possible, that shares your vision. We promise to provide the best selection of highly vetted colors to create the best possible results, using a wide range of color combinations. Our founding artist, Lee Ware,  personally reviews each order, to ensure the color selection, considering the client's vision, will be as perfect as possible.  

We promise to provide the highest level of responsive, friendly, and helpful customer service, as evidenced by our reviews. 

We promise to do our very best to ensure the best outcome of your custom made glass artwork. From color selection, to final creation, with every client, exemplifying expert artistry, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. This is one the most important days for you ever, and we understand this completely.