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When should I place my order?
Any time between now, and up to a week or so before the wedding.  (Overnight shipping is available.)  Never hesitate to contact us.  Most of our clients order months before their wedding.  International customers will need to take into consideration international shipping times and customs clearance. Shipping occurs the same or next business day, and US shipping is typically via USPS Priority Mail or USPS First Class Package Service with 2-3 business day delivery.  Tracking numbers are provided for all shipments.

After I place my order, when do you ship?
We ship the same or next business day.  Shipping time is 2-3 business days in the US.  UPS Air Overnight is available during checkout, for orders placed before 11 AM Central.

What is included in the shipping fee?
Our shipping fees cover the 3 needed shipments.  For our US clients this includes:  1) The crystals to you 2) The prepaid return mailer and then 3) The final glass artwork to you.  International clients will need to provide postage to return the glass crystals to the studio.  

If you've ordered Step 1, of our 2 Step Option, the $19.50 US shipping fee covers 3 needed shipments for US clients.  1) The crystals to you 2) The prepaid return mailer which we will ship to you upon completion of Step 2 and then 3) The final glass artwork to you. International clients will need to provide postage to return the glass crystals to the studio.

When I order, exactly what do I receive?
Your package will include 1) individually packaged and hand proportioned amounts of your selected colors (up to 4 and 8). 2) Two labeled zippable bags to hold the mixture of color on its way back to our studio. 3) For US based clients, we will include a prepaid return mailer to conveniently ship the mixture back to us, with a tracking number that we have attached to your order. 

If you've ordered Step 1, of our 2 Step Option, your outbound package will include you individually packaged and proportioned amounts of your selected colors (up to 8).  We will ship you the prepaid mailer upon completion of Step 2.

Do you have any example unity ceremony wording that we can use at our wedding?
We do! Some of our very thoughtful clients have given us permission to share the wording they used at their weddings.  Please feel free to use these for yours, or as a starting point for crafting your own.  They are published on our blog, available here and here.   

Do you ship internationally?
Yes!  We also ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, UK and Europe.  (outside of these areas?  Send us a note please.)  Canadian shipping is $49USD for the 2 of 3 needed shipments.  The Australia / New Zealand / UK / Europe shipping fee is $99USD and this covers 2 of the 3 needed shipments. International customers will need to ship the glass mixture from your country back to the US, after the wedding. It weighs about 1 kg, and fits into a padded envelope.  International customers may be assessed a duty/taxby the receiving country on both shipments from us. The first shipment of crystals will be valued at $100USD and the balance remaining will be declared on the final shipment.   International customers are responsible for paying duty/taxes assessed by the receiving country.  If your outside of our shipping area, please email us your location, and we'll provide a quote for other international shipping.

Are the containers for displaying and mixing the glass crystals at my wedding included?
No.  We've learned that most clients have containers around the house to use, or at your destination venue. The glass crystals are shipped in individual packets.  Most couples use small glass votive candle holders, tall skinny bud vases, or even champagne flutes to display the crystals at the wedding.  Pour into a container with a larger opening, during the ceremony.  After the ceremony, return the unified glass crystals only, using the labeled bags that we include, in the prepaid mailer.  We are just “borrowing” the display containers during the ceremony.

May I order just an ornament or a heart shaped paperweight?
Yes.  Our larger sculpture, vase, and bowl packages include up to 8 colors.   We offer smaller packages, and up to 4 colors, for our smaller item.  Please see our available packages, here. 

How did you get the idea for this?
This is a concept first introduced by Unity in Glass from Lee Ware.  Our product line is modeled after a unity sand ceremony. Unlike the sand ceremony, we provide glass crystals specifically formulated for glass blowing, for use during your ceremony and the final product of Unity in Glass is fine art that will last a lifetime.  This concept was first developed by our glass artist, Lee Ware.

Will my glasswork be unique?
Yes. With the hand-made nature of our art glass, all pieces will be unique.

Will the colors selected appear exactly as shown on the website?
They will vary in the final glasswork based upon the combination selected. We try to accurately represent the colors on our website. 

How long does it take to get the final glasswork back, after the wedding?
As soon as the color arrives back at the studio we will put it on the artists’ schedule. We target within 3-6 weeks.  Peak wedding season such as the Fall, our production time extends to 8-12 weeks, due to high demand and the handcrafted nature of our work.  Please let us know if you have special "need by" requirements.  We will be happy to accommodate your schedule as best possible.  Potentially, in the very rare case of catastrophic equipment failure, there could be longer times.  

If something happens to the glass artwork during shipping, what will happen?
We pack carefully to best protect against breakage during shipping.  It's extremely rare. However, we archive a small portion of each clients crystals in our studio for up to 12 month. The piece will be re-made due to shipping damage if needed.  Please notify us within 7 days of shipping damage. 

Who makes the glasswork?
Glass artists Lee Ware, Nick Billalba, and Sarah Billalba of Lubbock Texas

I’ve received the glass color. May I add something to it?
No—nothing else please. Our glass is specially formulated to work with our clear molten crystal. All expands and contracts at exactly the same rates over the temperature spectrum.  Please protect it from contamination of other glass, dust, or dirt.  If something happens (spills, etc), just let us know.  All isn't lost.  We'll give the glass a little bit of a scrubbing before we start your masterpiece. 

Can we save part of the glass color after mixing?
Only a small portion (a tablespoon), if you like. We will need most of it to create your sculpture.   We will return most of the remaining glass color to you, after we create your final glasswork. We archive a small portion here at the studio for a few years, just in case. 

What if our wedding is coming up very soon?
We ship every order the same or next business day.  We have overnight shipping available.  Orders received by 11 AM Central on business days, will be shipped the same day.   

Can you refund the price if our wedding is cancelled or for any other reason?
Once the order is placed, refunds typically can’t be issued.  Any color crystals shipped, can’t be returned to stock due to quality control practices.  Billing occurs when the order is placed.  We offer highly personalized and responsive service.  We will work as best possible with you as circumstances come up.  We understand.