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So now it's time to pick out the glass color crystals that you will combine during your wedding. This can seem like a daunting task at first, but overall, we think our couples have done an absolutely remarkable job! 

Each order is hand packed by us and reviewed by the artist. Each couple gets the same amount of glass color crystals (about a pound), and within this amount we can send equal amounts of each color, or have a little fun and increase and decrease certain colors to get major colors and highlight colors.

Imagine you're doing a blended family unity ceremony. The couple could have major colors, while the kids are "highlights". We'd send more of the main colors, and less of the highlight colors. (The order form has a comment box "comments or details about color." Here you can relay information to us like this.)

Each color combination is reviewed personally by the artist prior to shipping for your wedding. The artist may suggest increasing or decreasing certain colors in your combination to yield the best effect. For example, if the couple selects Deep Blue, Sky Blue, and White, the artist may suggest that the ratio of each color be adjusted. We will automatically adjust and send more Sky Blue and White, while decreasing the amount of the Deep Blue. The artist knows that the Deep Blue is super rich and gorgeous, and that using a bit less of it compared to the other colors selected will help balance the colors in the final glass artwork. We always keep an eye out for you behind the scenes. Sometime, you may even get a quick phone call or an email from the artist to chat about your selection if we see an issue.

If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our website, or by phone. We're happy to help.

Some of the common questions we get are:

1. How many colors should we select? (We like at least three. Two major colors along with a third highlight color. Just two is ok too)
2. What if we want 7-8 colors? That's very possible and can be beautiful. We do recommend staying away from the super dark colors- deep blue and jet black with this many. If you do want these dark colors, and 7-8 colors total, we'll probably increase the amount of all colors, and reduce the amounts of the dark colors. 

From the chats that we've had with couples, we'd estimate that about 80% of our clients use colors from their wedding. The remainder may use birthstone, favorite colors, or even colors symbolic for the location of the wedding.  (Nautical blues and a splash of white for a beach side wedding!) Orange, Red, Yellow, Citron Green, Emerald for a Fall wedding!  Have fun with the combinations!

Below are a few combination that have caught our eye. Perhaps these will give you a better feel for how the different colors will look together. On the order form, there is a box "comments or details" about color.  Here you can say things like "A BUNCH of Aqua and Orange, and just a little white" or call our the percentages that you'd like to see in the final glass work. Things may not turn out exactly, but we will be fairly close.  It's art, and it's fun and beautiful!

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