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You're selecting the most elegant option for a unity ceremony. Now, how do you best explain what's going on to your guests?

When Lee Ware developed this concept, using some creativity and expert glass blowing skills to preserve memories from your wedding day, he left out one thing. How do you precisely, convey what’s going on to your guests? They’ve all seen a unity sand

unity in glass sand ceremony alternative ideaceremony, and a unity candle, but how do you best explain that, as part of your wedding, that you are actively participating in the very first step of creating a keepsake of a lifetime?

We’ve heard that guests have been extremely curious about this exciting process. We’ve created a few ideas to help explain exactly what is going on for your guests.

    1. Include a little more info in your printed wedding program specifically about the Unity Ceremony.
“Unity Ceremony” JoAnn and Robert, as a symbol of their love, are combining glass color crystals of amethyst, aquamarine, and ivory. After the wedding, their glass artist at Unity in Glass, will complete a commissioned piece of glass artwork, exclusively for them.
 2. 'A photo is worth 1000 words.' Show them what the final piece will look like!
      Our clients may download a high resolution photo of our Sculpture for printing. It's been specifically sized for an 8x10" print.

Photo Credit: Alex Kaeslin http://www.alexkaeslin.com
(Our high resolution downloadable/printable images are copyrighted by Unity in Glass. We give only our clients permission to use them for personal use.)
3. Perhaps work the high resolution photo into your programs? We'd love a shout out for the work. 
4. Want to be SUPER-inclusive? Some couples have shared with us that they’ve reserved one color for ALL of their guests to add to the mixture. If you choose to do this, (it's tricky!) we recommend that you designate one person to oversee the entire operation—They will explain to each guest what is going on, how much to add (just a pinch or spoonful), and to move the color from the entrance to the alter at the right time. Do keep in mind the TOTAL volume of color that we send is about 1 ¼- 1 ½ cups in volume after mixing- so the volume for the guests will be small. Maybe just a pinch or so each. 
5. What are you plans for Unity in Glass at your wedding? Please share your ideas with everyone on our Facebook page

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