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Unity in Glass Ring Bowl Package

$189.00 USD

Your Wedding. Your Unity.

Select from up to 4 colors to combine during your ceremony. This art piece will be custom made, just for you, after your wedding.

You deserve to be able to hold on to those moments…forever. Our glass artwork tells your unique story. Kick off the creative process at your wedding.  

This package includes:

    1. Up to 4 colors to combine at your wedding (135 grams total, this is about 1/2 cup after combining)
    2. A prepaid return mailer (US clients)
    3. One custom made Unity in Glass® from Lee Ware hand-blown ornament made from your mixture to tell your unique story

With this package, you may add up to 3 of our additional, optional items. These are thoughtful gifts for parents, children, or close friends. We'll have plenty of color from your ceremony, boosting the sentimental value of the gifts. 

    Learn more about our colors. Need some help with color selection? Take a peek at this blog posting. And this one -where we dive into each color, individually here.

    This little bowl will be filled with precious memories. Created from the exact glass crystals that you combine at your wedding,  it is sized to hold your wedding ring. It does not have a stem, like some ring holders.  We prefer a minimal and clean design aesthetic. Ring not included.

    Glass crystals shipped will be about 135 grams, total weight. US shipping $19.50 to cover the three needed shipping steps. 1) Individual colors to you, 2) the return mailer 3) your final glass work to you.

    (Display containers not included.) These color volumes display nicely at the wedding in champagne flutes or glass votive candle holders. Please see accompanying photo as an example. You may already have the perfect containers at home. In the case of a destination wedding, to lighten the travel load perhaps borrow some champagne flutes from the resort.

    *This item may not be combined with our 2-Step option, which includes 300 grams of color for our sculpture, vase, or bowl's only. 

    Dimension:  3-3.5" diameter  1-1.5" tall


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