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Deep Blue


A super rich and intense deep blue.  This is our best match to a navy color. It's a rich cobalt blue.  When used with our other colors, this particular blue can often over-power the other colors, but it is gorgeous and should be considered.  Special Note: We often times recommend that you allow us to 'volume correct', reducing the amount of the deep blue that we send, while increasing other colors.  We like it even as low as 5% of the total mix.  It can work well in higher amounts, when used with a light opaque color, like our ivory.  You can mention 'volume correct deep blue, in the comment box on the order form, if you'd like for us to make the adjustments for you.

Intensity: Deep toned

Clarity: Transparent

Each photo shows the color in sculpted glass to the upper left.  The crystals are shown in the lower right.