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2 Step Option

$300.00 USD

Your Wedding. Your Unity.

You are able to hold on to those moments…forever.  

This is ideal for clients that want Unity in Glass' sculpture, vase, or bowl and would prefer to break the cost into 2 payments. This item includes up to 8 colors, and 300 grams of total color crystals.   For improved budget flexibility, this option allows you to order the color crystals for your Unity in Glass ceremony now, and then later, within 12 months of your ceremony, order your final sculpture, vase, or bowl.  This helps with budget planning, while assuring that you get to experience our wonderful customer service. Read our reviews.  We’d love to be a part of your big day.

Step 1: (before your wedding)

For $300 choose your colors (up to 8) and we will send you the crystals now (Display containers not included). (plus shipping to cover the three needed shipping steps -- $19.50 

What's included:

Up to 8 colors may be selected. 300 grams of our glass color crystals. Each order is hand packed and reviewed by the artist. This will be enough color to complete your final glass artwork and up to 8-10 optional ornaments/heart paperweights. We will ship your prepaid return mailer, when  the Step 2 purchase is completed, after your wedding. (US Clients)

Learn more about our colors. (Need some help with color selection? Take a peek at thisblog posting. And this one -where we dive into each color, individuallyhere.)

Step 2: (after your wedding, for Step 1 Purchases occurring on or after June 1st, 2021)

Within 12 months after your wedding date, you have the option to order your final art piece (pricing reflects your Step 1 purchase of $300 from Unity in Glass*):

  • Lee Ware Unity Sculpture $239*
  • The Sweetheart Sculpture $239
  • Aria Series Vase $299*
  • Infinity Bowl $299*

No additional shipping fees for US clients. International clients will need to provide local postage and ship the color mixture back to our studio.

To start Step 2 of the process, email us (info@unityinglass.com) and we will respond with an e-invoice to start the process.

To Review:

With this purchase we will send the color for your wedding ceremony now (Step 1). Within 12 months of your wedding date, you may order your final glass work.

Upon completion of Step 2 within 12 months of your wedding date, we will ship you a prepaid return mailer to safely transport your color back to Unity in Glass. (US Clients only. International clients will need to provide local postage and ship the color mixture back to our studio.)

    Note:  We're only able to guarantee final glass artwork for clients that have purchased color from Unity in Glass. Each of our colors has been carefully selected to insure the best final outcome possible, and for glass compatibility purposes to insure that the final glass piece is up to our standards.   


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