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image of Lee Ware
When Lee was 6 or 7 years old, according to his father, “We’d find him at the kitchen stove with glass tubing – heating, bending, and blowing... ”


This was a long time ago and not a recommended activity to entertain a child.In 1992 he studied glass blowing in the hottest region for the glass arts in the United States – Seattle, at the Pratt Fine Art Center. Lee continued a career in healthcare to help finance a very expensive love affair with glass.

In 2009, Lee made his passion for glass, his full time job. After completing a concentrated course based on Italian glass techniques, he relocated to West Texas and opened his studio.

“Art needs to stimulate the imagination and elicit emotion. This response can be intense joy, fear, humor, or simply curiosity” according to Lee. Glass is a fascinating medium to work with due to its fluid nature and light transmission qualities. More so than oil on canvas, or pen on paper, glass locks in structure, color, beauty and form for an eternity.

Following on the emotional intent he evokes with his art, Lee has thoughtfully designed a series of glass art pieces that are very personal to him, and even more important in this circumstance, to his customers. From the initial stages of color selection to the ceremonious combining of lives, color, and art the customer is personally involved in creating a work of art that will last a lifetime to commemorate their important event.

Lee takes great pride in his work with the highest attention to quality, craft, and personalized customer service and wants to thank you for allowing him to be a part of your very special day.