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Download Unity in Glass Media Kit (.zip file with press release and images)

Press Release For Immediate Release

Lee Ware
Sandstorm Glassworks, Inc.
1822 Buddy Holly Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79401
(806) 300-0244

The Essence of Your Wedding Unity Ceremony Captured in Molten Art Glass


Lubbock, TX – January 16, 2012 – An Exclusive Process Developed by a Highly-Skilled Glass Artisan Creates Hand-Crafted Glass Sculptures for Couples to Preserve Their Unity Ceremony Memories to Celebrate for a Lifetime.

“I love the website ( www.unityinglass.com ) and I LOVE the Unity in Glass, I have suggested this to all my clients,” says Jill Leven who is a certified professional wedding planner and the owner of Eat, Drink and be Marry, in Lubbock, Texas.

More lasting and elegant than sand or candles, the beauty and intimacy of a bride and groom’s unity ceremony are embodied for eternity in an elegant, hand-crafted glass sculpture to allow them to revisit their memories for years to come. Artist Lee Ware developed the process after becoming interested in a way to help couples find a way to permanently commemorate the event.

From the customized order and mailing of the clients’ choice of colored-glass crystals, available for viewing at www.unityinglass.com, to the creation of the final 11-to14-inch artistic sculpture, customers are personally involved in the process with Lee.

The bride, groom and extended family members, perform the unity ceremony with the colored-glass crystals, blending the combination of their color choices, just as they would with sand, and return them to the glass artist’s studio using the included, prepaid shipping label. Then, Lee uses the exact crystals combined by the couple at the ceremony to create the unique, hand-crafted glass sculpture to capture the spirit of the intimate event, for eternity. The exclusive design and any additional items ordered, such as hand- sculpted glass, heart-shaped keepsakes for family and friends, are carefully packaged for safe return to the customer to display in their homes and enjoy for a lifetime.

Couples say they are choosing Unity in Glass over the sand ceremony because it is not only beautiful, but a more permanent way to capture the memories of their special day.
“I would call our sculpture, a ‘Masterpiece’…. The color combination Lee helped us pick out looked incredible…. We also had two heart pieces made out of the same colors to give to both our parents…. It made them cry,” said Tye and Kara Hayes of Lubbock, Texas. “We just got back from our honeymoon last night. The sculpture is beautiful. It’s even prettier than I expected it to be. And I love the sand from the beach in the bottom of it (the sculpture),” said Lindsay and Scott Miller, of Orlando, Florida.

About the Artists
From the age of six, Lee Ware began experimenting with glass-blowing at his parents’ kitchen stove. After studying glass blowing in 1992, at the prestigious Pratt Fine Arts Center, Ware completed an extensive study of Italian glass techniques in 2009 and relocated to West Texas where he opened his studio, Sandstorm Glassworks, Inc. Please contact the artist at lee@unityinglass.com or (806) 300-0244 with questions or to schedule an interview. To download a media kit, visit www.unityinglass.com/press.php