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Optional Aurora by Unity in Glass

This is an optional/additional item that may be added to any of our packages that include our color crystals.   It will be made with color crystals that you combined at your wedding, after your main glasswork is complete. 

While this art piece allows us to pay homage to our roots; the unity candle, it gives our clients a whole new way to communicate.  Light the candle on your anniversary.  Light the candle as a subtle reminder that you'd marry your spouse all over again, any day of the year.   

Designed to display a clear glass votive candle holder, strategically placed to illuminate your colors in a hand sculpted glass disk.    

The weight and optics of this crystal base are incredible.  It is GORGEOUS, engraved or left plain and stunningly minimal. It is permanently attached to the color disk.   

The crystal base features soft plastic "feet" to protect the glass from surface scratches, and to protect furniture. 

The votive candle holder is NOT attached to the base.  This allows for easier lighting, cleaning, and periodic replacing.  Please do not leave the candle unattended.  The candle holder and the base are sourced.  The permanently attached glass disk is made by our artist in our studio, with your color mixture.

Dimensions:  Glass Disk is approximately 5" in diameter.

When ordering, please indicate the 1-3 lines of text that you would like-- or indicate "none". We may adjust spacing, or increase to four lines, for the best fit. 

We will pay attention to your capitalization, symbols ("and" vs "&"), etc


Line 1: Michelle & Brandt

Line 2: Anderson (larger font)

Line 3: Est 10.10.14 (smaller font)



Line 1:  For no engraving, please state "no engraving"