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Unity in Glass® Discount Code and Coupon Codes

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Please be alert that unrelated coupon sites advertise discounts and coupon codes for Unity in Glass®.  We are unaffiliated with all of these sites, and we are unsure of their motives.  

We strive to bring value and perfection to every client.  We work diligently to maintain quality and to deliver an impeccable experience to our clients.  We want each piece to be perfect and the entire customer service experience for our client to excel.

Our artwork is rare and tells the story of love.  It tells the story of your love.

Our signature designs are signed by the individual artist, and due to nature of our work, and out of respect for previous clients and their investment in collecting our art work, we are unable to offer discounts on our signature art pieces.

Occasionally, we offer free US shipping, and will advertise that discount code on our website, our Facebook page, Instagram or on Pinterest.   We never offer a discount or coupon code through an affiliation of third-party.

Our current code for free US shipping is GLASS1006   

Also, we currently offer free US shipping on our Sculpture, Vase, and Bowl Packages.  No coupon code is needed on our signature packages.

Offing free shipping is limit, as each order, requires three shipments that our shipping fees help us cover. 

A quick web search for discount codes and coupon codes for our company, Unity in Glass®  yields numerous results.  Unfortunately, we haven't partnered with any other companies to offer discount or coupon codes.  Please be safe when clicking on their links.  We're not sure their motivation.   Never hesitate to contact us if you'd like to verify the legitimacy of a potential link, to a coupon or discount code for Unity in Glass®.