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What are the ideal characteristics of a unity ceremony option for a destination wedding?









  • It can't break or melt during travel to and from the wedding
  • It's light weight, easy to pack, and travels well
  • It's a unique addition to your perfect destination wedding
  • Plus, the final piece is gorgeous, elegant and lasting

It's more than a unity ceremony. Be a part of the creative process at your wedding

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We have created the most unique, lasting, and elegant unity ceremony option for any wedding. And it gets even better, with the specific needs of a destination wedding.  

Unity in Glass® from Lee Ware, offers a stunning option for a unity ceremony- blown glass, not sand or a candle that is ideally suited for a destination wedding.

Combine your choice of our color glass crystals at your wedding. After the wedding, send that mixture back to us (prepaid mailer included) and we'll incorporate it into a stunning hand blown sculpture, vase, or bowl.   

Destination Wedding Unity Ceremony

We send the colors in individually labeled packets. To display at your wedding, borrow a few champagne flutes from the venue or resort. We'll just need the color mixture after the wedding to create your final masterpiece. We'll include a prepaid mailer. 

Getting married on a beach? We've had clients specifically select colors to remind them of the ocean. Consider our Sky Blue, Aquamarine, Pure White, and Deep Blue.  

Getting married at an icy snowy wintertime resort? Consider our Pure White and Sky Blue.  

How to order

Read more in depth information, please see how it works. See our available color selection. See the final designs that have been carefully crafted for your special day. See our optional items that may be added, as highly unique and personal gifts for parents or children.

Some resources when planning a cruise ship based wedding:

If you have any questions please contact us, or visit Unity in Glass®

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