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We asked our fans on Facebook to put their creative thinking caps on and grab a pen. Here are the top 4 entries as voted on by our fans. Feel free to use these as they are, or make them even more personal for you and your fiancé. 

Photos by Sarah Ann Griffin (www.griffinfoto.com)


By Lisa Cipriano:

Before each of you is a container of glass crystals, each represents your separate lives, your friends, your families. I will ask that you each pour the contents within your own vase into the middle vase together. As the glass from each individual vase is blended together it symbolizes the joining of your separate lives, friends and family, into one union, the beginning of your journey as husband and wife. 

This combined glass will be taken by an artist and blown into a beautiful vase, never to be separated again, so may your marriage be.

Marriage and this beautiful vase are alike. Both are examples of what can happen when raw, unfinished elements come together. They can be two separate entities, fluid and independent of each other and can have an exquisiteness of their own, but join them together and the result can be stunning in its beauty, inspiring in its strength, humbling in its function. Continual flow....no beginning and no end.
As with your marriage.... this vase requires great care. Cherish it, polish it, protect it from any harm. Keep from it that which can break it, or chip away at it, and it will remain a thing of beauty.

By Keighla Schmidt:

{Name} and {name} have chosen colors of glass that represents each of them in a special and unique way.

Throughout their lives they have been two colorful, complete, amazing people all on their own - just like the glass. {Bride} is {attribute} as represented by {color/s} and {groom} is {attribute} as displayed in {color/s}. But today is special; today they become husband and wife and create a new, beautiful combination of their colors.

{Bride and Groom} are together creating a new life and mixing their personalities and characteristics into their marriage. Symbolically they are creating something unique to just the two of them in their wedding vows and marriage. After their unity glass ceremony today the colorfully mixed pieces of glass will be made into a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture as special as their love for each other. The pieces of their personality that complement each other will be reflected in the glass sculpture they can display in their home forever. This new sculpture will be a physical reminder of their beautiful personalities, love and commitment to each other coming together.

By Angela Neik:

From the first moment we've met, the stars in the heavens rejoiced, they danced and smiled as our hearts beat faster, and our affection and love for each other grew stronger. Today we take those moments, as countless and as bright as those stars that light up the firmament of a night sky, and we place them in this glass, remembering the beautiful romance that led to our ever growing love, which brought us to this day, the day when we'll become one forever. May all these moments represented here by the dazzling colors, be sealed and protected in this glass, embraced for eternity just like our love for one another.

By Grant Byington:

Unlocked in the sands of time. Melted in the crucible of care and affection. Crafted by the artistry only love can provide. Together today, we celebrate something entirely new brought forth from something as old as time itself. Something incredibly strong, manifest in something fragile. Something timeless and beautiful, ablaze with the wonder of light.


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