Blending your Families with Unity in Glass. A unique, beautiful, and lasting family heirloom.

by Krystal O'Mara


blended family unity ceremony

We love to hear how Unity in Glass has made a blended family ceremony fun, unique, and meaningful for everyone.   When including your families in the special day, everyone can select their own color—Unity in Glass will, ultimately, create a new family heirloom that will last a lifetime.  This is a perfect opportunity for each member to be included in vows and ceremony.   As a new family comes together, it is important that the children feel included and acknowledged in the union of their parents. With Unity in Glass, you and your family will have a one-of-a-kind, lasting keepsake to remind you all of your new beginning together. 

Unity in Glass includes up to 8 colors in your selection of colored glass frit.   That means up to six other family members can be included in your unity ceremony.  (need more colors?  Let us know, please)  So how do you choose to colors that complement each other and still allow for members to be represented?  Birthstones, favorite color, wedding colors or just the colors of the rainbow have all been categories of selecting frit.   With a few exceptions, most combinations blend beautifully.  Please read our color blog for color combination ideas.  Don’t see your favorite color in our choices of 16?  Our 5 star team is available to help with color combinations as well as custom colors. 

Unity in Glass hand-packs each order. We can adjust the amounts of each color that we send. Want to increase the amount of our amethyst purple and tuxedo grey in the final piece for the parents, with highlights of each child's color?  Let us know, and we can pack your order specifically with your final design goal in mind. Use the box on our order form labeled, "comments or details about color".   


blended family unity ceremony

including children unity ceremony

Blended family unity glass ceremony

Unity in Glass Blended Family Unity Ceremony

We looked to Offbeat Bride, Kendra Arimoto-Maselli’s personal experience and of course Pinterest… for insight.   Included are a few examples of scripts that include your kids. 

Example #1 Short and sweet unity ceremony

Minister:  _________ and _________, today you are making a life-long commitment to share the rest of your lives with each other and honor your children as well. The family relationship is symbolized through the pouring of these individual containers of glass; each representing all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will ever be with additional colors to represent each child.

There are children who will share in this marriage. _________ will now come forward to help us with the Blending of the Glass. The gathering of this new family will have a deep influence upon them. We realize that in order for the home to be a happy one, it is essential that there be love and understanding between this new family that is being created.

As you each hold your glass the separate containers of glass represent your lives to this moment; individual and unique. As you now combine your glass together, your lives also join together as one family.

You may now blend the glass together symbolizing the uniting of the children and bride and groom into one.

Just as these colors of glass can never be separated, so will your marriage and your family be.

Example #2 from Offbeat Bride:  Lengthy but endearing script. 

Officiant: These sacred vows are not just between Maddy and Joe because you will not only be a new couple, you will be a new family. So Tina and Missy, will you please join us now for the special family rites of this wedding.

[Maddy and Joe turn to face girls as they stand in front of them.

Kids: "Thank you for sharing Daddy with me, loving me and allowing me to love you with all of my heart. I was not there when you took your first steps, but I promise that now I will love and support you in every step that you take in your life. These beautiful colors of glass are a symbol of our love and devotion to the two of you.

I love you, Tina and I am devoted to making your life full of happiness and accomplishments, nurturing your creativity, encouraging your independence, and making sure you always know what a gift you are to this world.
I love you, Missy and I am devoted to making your life full of happiness and accomplishments, ensuring that you thrive to your fullest potential, and that while you reach for the sky, you remain grounded by the love of our family and our home."

Officiant: Girls, please come stand by me as we marry Daddy and Maddy. We want you to have a front row seat.

Joe and Maddy, please join hands and face each other so that you can look into each other's eyes and see the beauty of what is about to happen.

Missy, please hand this ring to your Dad to give to Maddy.

Joe, please place this ring on Maddy's finger and hold it there as you repeat after me:
I give you my promise to be by your side forevermore.
I promise to love, to honor, and to listen as you tell me of your thoughts, your hopes, your fears, and your dreams.
I promise to love you deeply and truly because it is your heart that moves me, your head that challenges me,
your humor that delights me,
and your hands I wish to hold until the end of my days.

Tina, please give this ring to Maddy to give to your Dad.
Maddy, please place this ring on Joe's finger and hold it there as you repeat after me:
I give you my promise to be by your side forevermore.
I promise to love, to honor, and to listen as you tell me of your thoughts, your hopes, your fears, and your dreams.
I promise to love you deeply and truly because it is your heart that moves me, your head that challenges me,
your humor that delights me,
and your hands I wish to hold until the end of my days.

May all your days be filled with joy and happiness. It is my honor and great pleasure and by the power vested in me by the state of California, that I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss your beautiful bride and she may kiss you back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you for the very first time – the Stranger family – Joe, Maddy, Tina and Missy


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Wording Ideas for your Unity Ceremony

by Lee Ware

We asked our fans on Facebook to put their creative thinking caps on and grab a pen.  Here are the top 4 entries as voted on by our fans. Feel free to use these as they are, or make them even more personal for you and your fiance. 

Photos by Sarah Ann Griffin (


By Lisa Cipriano:

Before each of you is a container of glass crystals, each represents your separate lives, your friends, your families. I will ask that you each pour the contents within your own vase into the middle vase together. As the glass from each individual vase is blended together it symbolizes the joining of your separate lives, friends and family, into one union, the beginning of your journey as husband and wife. 

This combined glass will be taken by an artist and blown into a beautiful vase, never to be separated again, so may your marriage be.

Marriage and this beautiful vase are alike. Both are examples of what can happen when raw, unfinished elements come together. They can be two separate entities, fluid and independent of each other and can have an exquisiteness of their own, but join them together and the result can be stunning in its beauty, inspiring in its strength , humbling in its function. Continual beginning and no end.
As with your marriage.... this vase requires great care. Cherish it, polish it, protect it from any harm. Keep from it that which can break it, or chip away at it, and it will remain a thing of beauty.

By Keighla Schmidt:

{Name} and {name} have chosen colors of glass that represents each of them in a special and unique way.

Throughout their lives they have been two colorful, complete, amazing people all on their own - just like the glass. {Bride} is {attribute} as represented by {color/s} and {groom} is {attribute} as displayed in {color/s}. But today is special; today they become husband and wife and create a new, beautiful combination of their colors.

{Bride and Groom} are together creating a new life and mixing their personalities and characteristics into their marriage. Symbolically they are creating something unique to just the two of them in their wedding vows and marriage. After their unity glass ceremony today the colorfully mixed pieces of glass will be made into a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture as special as their love for each other. The pieces of their personality that complement each other will be reflected in the glass sculpture they can display in their home forever. This new sculpture will be a physical reminder of their beautiful personalities, love and commitment to each other coming together.

By Angela Neik:

From the first moment we've met, the stars in the heavens rejoiced, they danced and smiled as our hearts beat faster, and our affection and love for each other grew stronger. Today we take those moments, as countless and as bright as those stars that light up the firmament of a night sky, and we place them in this glass, remembering the beautiful romance that led to our ever growing love, which brought us to this day, the day when we'll become one forever. May all these moments represented here by the dazzling colors, be sealed and protected in this glass, embraced for eternity just like our love for one another.

By Grant Byington:

Unlocked in the sands of time. Melted in the crucible of care and affection. Crafted by the artistry only love can provide. Together today, we celebrate something entirely new brought forth from something as old as time itself. Something incredibly strong, manifest in something fragile. Something timeless and beautiful, ablaze with the wonder of light.


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