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The Sweetheart Sculpture Package

$539.00 USD

A Forever Reminder of your Love

Indulge in the timeless beauty of our Sweetheart Sculpture. Each piece is as one-of-a kind as your love. A unique and luxurious addition to your wedding, the Sweetheart Sculpture is perfect for art enthusiasts and lovers of refined elegance alike.

Drawing inspiration from the lifetime bond Swans have for each other, this piece represents your union with a bold eye-catching design. Each Sweetheart Sculpture will be handcrafted by our glass artists with crystals combined by you during your wedding. YOU begin the creative process by combining up to 8 individual colors during your ceremony for a truly custom color mix. After your wedding, send the mixed color back to us in the included prepaid mailer to have your final glasswork made. Each piece is a collaboration between our glass artists and our clients. We make the glass, but your story is what makes it truly special!

This package includes:-

  • 300 grams (approximately a cup and a half) of colored glass crystals. You may choose up to 8 colors to combine at your wedding.
  • One Pre-Paid Mailer and packaging to send your color mixture to our studio.
  • Your handcrafted Sweetheart Sculpture made by our artists, for you.

    We will calculate the percentages of each color for you based on the notes you provide when ordering. ***Let us know if there are colors you would like to see more/less of in your final glasswork. Need help with your custom color selection? Learn more about glass color HERE. Or visit our social media pages  Facebook , Instagram If you have additional questions, please email us. We would love to talk to you about your color combination! 

    ***Display containers for the crystals are not included.***  Need inspiration for displaying the crystals at your ceremony?  CLICK HERE

    Each Sweetheart Sculpture will be approximately 10-12 inches tall and will be signed by the artist.


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