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Lee Ware Aria Series Wedding Vase Package

$569.00 USD

Your Wedding. Your Unity.

Select from up to 8 colors to combine during your ceremony. This art piece will be custom made, just for you, after your wedding.

You deserve to be able to hold on to those moments…forever.  

Aria noun \ˈär-ē-ə\ : 1 : air, melody, tune; specifically : an accompanied elaborate melody sung (as in anopera) by a single voice.

This package includes:

    1. Up to 8 colors to combine at your wedding
    2. A prepaid return mailer 
    3. Our Unity in Glass® Aria Series Vase

Our couples often tell us that a glance of the glass artwork in their home, takes them back to the very special day of their wedding.  

Our Aria Series Wedding Vase is a contemporary form that will showcase the colored glass crystals that your new family combines during the unity ceremony portion of your wedding. As the name suggests, this beautiful vessel sings with its shape and visual depth. It stands approximately 11" tall and has a cut, polished, and hand beveled elliptical opening. Heavily weighted in the base, it's perfect for display alone or with your favorite flowers.

Notes on Color Specific to the Aria Series Wedding Vase: Color crystals are applied in 2 layers to increase the color saturation of the Aria Series Vase, specifically. Some blending between colors may occur.  

Learn more about our colors. (Need some help with color selection? Take a peek at this blog posting. And this one -where we dive into each color, individually here.)

The total combined volume of color with this package is about 1 1/4 cup divided into up to 8 portions.

Glass crystals shipped will be about 300 grams, total weight.  

Display containers not included. These color volumes display nicely at the wedding in champagne flutes or tall skinny bud vases. You may already have the perfect containers at home.  In the case of a destination wedding, to lighten the travel load, borrow some champagne flutes from the resort.

With this package, you may add up to 10 of our additional, optional items. These are thoughtful gifts for parents, children, or close friends. We'll have plenty of color from your ceremony, boosting the sentimental value of the gifts. 

For budget flexibility, consider our "2-Step Option"when placing your order. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Incredible Customer Service and Beautiful Work

I cannot overstate how wonderful my entire process has been with Unity in Glass from Lee Ware! They have been incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. Their above & beyond customer service was even more meaningful because wedding planning is such a busy & stressful time. Not to mention the glasswork is positively gorgeous and everyone at the wedding loved the unique concept of our unity ceremony!


Such a beautiful piece of artwork! We loved this entire experience! From choosing the colors to performing the ceremony with my two daughters from a previous relationship. This was such a unique and meaningful way to unite our family. We loved opening our package to reveal our masterpiece!! Absolutely stunning! Highly recommended!

Absolutely Gorgeous!

The vase is absolutely gorgeous! The entire process was amazing. Heidi was so excited, helpful, and quick to respond over email. She helped us pick our colors based on some images we gave her. The vase, ornament, and pendant are absolutely perfect. We couldn’t be more thrilled. The ceremony itself was also really fun and unique. What a beautiful momento of our wedding day.

Fun process and unique keepsake

Everyone was so friendly and easy to work with. The process was fun from choosing our colors, mixing at our wedding ceremony (2 of us and 3 children,) to receiving our beautiful vase and Christmas ornaments. Definitely one of my favorite parts of our big day. I will recommend to every engaged couple I know!

Arwen L
Gorgeous and Unique

We absolutely love the Aria Vase we ordered! The entire process from choosing colors, shipping, and receiving our final piece was a breeze - easy and everyone we worked with was exceptionally helpful. We've already gotten so many compliments on our vase and the uniqueness of the ceremony. I also love that we were given our "extra" colors for possible future orders. Stellar experience and product!