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Lee Ware Unity Wedding Sculpture Package

$449.00 USD

Your Wedding. Your Unity.

You deserve to be able to hold on to those moments…forever.  

This package includes::

  1. Up to 8 colors to combine at your wedding
  2. Our Unity in Glass Lee Ware Unity Wedding Sculpture
  3. A prepaid return mailer.  Just drop off at a post office after the wedding

This is the design that started it all with Unity in Glass™.  With its arms up-swept in an eternal embrace, this custom sculpture forever encapsulates the glass crystals from your wedding ceremony. Your precious memories are suspended in a unique family heirloom, as enduring as your love.

Artist Lee Ware handcrafts and signs each 11-12 inch tall sculpture, created from the exact crystals used in your unity ceremony. Please click the “Colors” tab above to begin to enjoy the process of choosing your custom color combination.

The total combined volume of color with this package is about 11/4 cup divided into up to 8 portions. 

Learn more about our colors. Need some help with color selection?  Take a peek at this blog posting. And this one -where we dive into each color, individually here.

Glass crystals shipped will be about 300 grams, total weight.  US shipping $19.50 to cover the three needed shipping steps. 1) Individual colors to you, 2) the return mailer 3)  your final glass work  to you.

Display containers not included. These color volumes display nicely at the wedding in champagne flutes or tall skinny bud vases. You may already have the perfect containers at home.  In the case of a destination wedding, to lighten the travel load, borrow some champagne flutes from the resort.

With this package, you may add up to 10 of our additional, optional items. These are thoughtful gifts for parents, children, or close friends.  We'll have plenty of color from your ceremony, boosting the sentimental value of the gifts. 

*Ornaments and heart paperweights, optional.

You may add up to 10 of our optional additional items

For budget flexibility, consider our"2-Step Option"whenplacing your order. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Absolutely Wonderful

Unity in Glass provides a beautiful product that for the years to come will remind you about the beautiful day of your marriage. Marrying my second husband I included my kids in so we can all create something beautiful and lasting together. I love the idea and I truly loved working with the company. They are JUST GREAT!! Highly recommend them.

Gorgeous, unique product!

We are so glad we decided to go with Unity in Glass for our wedding's unity ceremony. Not only was it unique, but now we have a keepsake that we will treasure for the rest of our lives- so much more stable and beautiful than combined sand and longer lasting than a candle! Many guests commented on how different an idea it was and we received many compliments on our finished sculpture. The company is easy to work with, responsive to questions, and the finished product was returned in a timely fashion.

Amazing Product and Company

I knew I wanted to do something different to remember our wedding day, this was the perfect way! From the start they reached out with help on picking colors and were quick on making it and shipping it to us. They even gave us the extra glass to make something in the future! I would highly recommend them!

HI Allison, Thank you so much for the kind words. We are so pleased that you're happy with the final artwork. --Lee
From our Facebook page

I wanted something unique that we could have forever. We just got ours back (about a month earlier than expected!!), and I couldnt be happier! The whole process was so wonderful.

From our Facebook page

My husband and I received our items today and we are both beyond happy with them! We ordered the unity sculpture and a Christmas ball with the crystals we used in our wedding ceremony. They even included a pendant as a "thank you"- I just love their customer appreciation! We love having something so unique to showcase our wedding day! Thank you so much!